The UO Horn Studio is a diverse group of UO students who study and improve their skills on the horn through a variety of degree programs. Every student has a one-hour private weekly lesson and attends studio class during the week. Students can participate in large ensembles, chamber music ensembles, horn ensemble, and perform solo recitals in various venues and organizations throughout the University music community.

Most students in the horn studio are music majors (education or performance), but there are also non-majors that participate in the studio and the school of music.


UO Horns will be traveling to Moscow, Idaho to participate in the Northwest Horn Symposium


The Oregon Brass Quintet, comprised of UO School of Music Faculty, kicks off the fall with a concert in Beall Hall. This is the first event for "Brass Class", an every-other-week gathering of all UO brass students, where students perform and get coaching from faculty or guest artists in brass chamber music. This event is also open to the public.

Orchestra Next Auditions! Deadline, Oct. 2, 2016

Guest yogi, Natacia Hicks, will give a presentation to UO Horns about the anatomy of breath and the use of yogic breathing practices to improve performance. Natacia's father is a professional horn player! Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016

Brass Class guest artist, Dan Satterwhite, Monday, Oct. 17, 2016

Northwest Horn Symposium, April 2016

American Brass Quintet residency at UO, Feb. 21 and 22, with hornist Eric Reed

In Beall with Brahms - Horn Trio performance, Feb. 29

Professor Van Dreel performed and taught in Nairobi, Kenya in October, 2016 at the Kenya Conseratoire of Music. She brought 4 donated horns and other music materials for the Kenyan students.

In August, Professor Van Dreel premiered a new piece for horn and motion-detection electronics at the 47th International Horn Symposium in Los Angeles.

We hosted the Northwest Horn Symposium, 2015 -- April 10-12

Denise Tryon Masterclass, Monday, Nov. 17, 7-9 pm, SOMD rm. 190.

Professor Van Dreel has released a new solo CD:  New Millennium Music for Horn, available at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and various streaming music sites.

International Horn Symposium - London Professor Van Dreel presented on "Technology in Performance and Pedagogy"

UO Horn students participated in the 2014 Northwest Horn Symposium where we performed as a Horn Ensemble. Also, Mara Liechty took home double gold, winning both the collegiate concerto competition and the collegiate excerpt competition!

Kelsi McGlothin, Junior Horn Performance Major won a concerto performance with the Oregon Sinfonietta. January 19, Portland, Oregon.

Andrew Clark, Natural Horn Master Class, Friday, February 7, noon - 1:30 pm, room 190

Roger Kaza Master Class, Tuesday, Oct. 8, 1 pm. UO School of Music and Dance.

We do fun stuff, like this!

Members of the UO Horn Studio participated in the Northwest Horn Symposium in Bozeman, MT, in April of 2013. The UO horn ensemble performed, and a horn quartet premiered STRIA, a new horn quartet by Evan C. Paul.

Recent guest artists:


Adam Unsworth
Genghis Barbie
Michael Gast


Kerry Turner

Kristina Mascher-Turner

Jennifer Montone

John Cox

Greg Roosa

Quadre: The Voice of Four Horns

Gleb Karpushkin

Susan Anderson (MM '12) performed Radiohead's OK Computer with the Portland Cello Project (subbing with the City of Tomorrow)
Susan has also opened a repair studio: Jackalope Brassworks, LLC
Associate Professor of Horn, Lydia Van Dreel, can be heard playing on the Chrysler 2012 Superbowl ad. Alex Ross wrote about it in his blog.

Lydia commissioned a piece by composer Eve Beglarian for natural horn and electronics. You can listen to it here.



Horn Studio Schedule – Winter 2017

week 1           Tuesday, January 10 – Developing “voice”; discussion and listening

                       Thursday, January 12 – getting weird. Finding our actual voice; how and why

week 2           Tuesday, January 17 – Introduction to Wagner Tuba

                       Thursday, January 19 – performance class

week 3           Monday, January 23 Brass Class 7 pm,  Brass Concerto Competition Prelims

                    Tuesday, January 24 – horn ensemble

                       Thursday, January 26 – horn ensemble

week 4           Tuesday, January 31 – performance class

                      Thursday, February 2  no class

week 5           Tuesday, February 7 – performance class

                       Thursday, February 9 – horn ensemble

week 6          Monday, February 13 Brass Class, Gene Pokorny Recital, 7:30pm Beall Concert Hall

                    Tuesday, February 14 no class

                       Thursday, February 16  - horn ensemble

week 7           Monday, February 20  brass class, Peter Evans, guest artist 7 pm 190

                      Tuesday, February 21 no class

                      Thursday, February 23 no class

week 8          Tuesday, February 28 – performance class

                      Thursday, March 2 – horn ensemble

week 9           Tuesday, March 7 – performance class

                       Thursday, March 9 – performance class

week 10          Monday, March 13 - brass class, 7-9 pm, 190; repair/maintenance talk Susan Anderson

                     Tuesday, March 14 – performance class

                        Thursday, March 16 – performance class

Student News

  • Congratulations, Margarite Waddell, BM '14 and graduate of San Francsicso Conservatory. Her brass quintet has been selected to perform throughout the spring of 2017 as part of the San Francisco Symphony's "Adventures in Music" Program!
  • Congratulations, Caitlin Brody, post-baccalareate studies at UO, on joining the US Army Field Band in January, 2017!
  • Congratulations, Arryn Bess, BMusEd, '15, on your new position as band director and music teacher at Fir Grove Elementary School!
  • Congratulations, Sarah Van Dusen, MM '10 on completing your PhD in Education at UC Boulder, and on your new position as Adjunct Music Faculty at CSU-Chico, California!
  • Congratulations, Peter Yurkovich, BM, '08; MM, '10 on becoming a U.S. Marine and member of the Marine Band, North Carolina!
  • Congratulations, Sarah Morrow, MM '14, on your position as Brass Faculty Head at The People's Music School in Chicago!
  • Congratulations, Jarek Bartels, BMusEd '15, on your new job as K-12 music and band teacher in Moro, Oregon!
  • Congratulations, Kelsi McGlothin, BM '15, on winning the 2nd horn position with the Eugene Concert Orchestra!
  • Congratulations, Bret Eason, MMusEd '15, BMusEd '14, on your new job as music teacher at North Valley High School, Grants Pass!
  • Good luck, Michelle Stuart, MM '14, MMusEd '15, as you continue in graduate studies at the Royal College of London!
  • Congratulations, Margarite Waddell, BM '14, on getting your MM from San Francisco Conservatory
  • Congratulations, Mara Liechty, MMusEd '14 on your new position as band director at Junction City, High School
  • Congratulations, Kelsi McGlothin, BM '15, for winning the 2nd horn position during your senior year in the Oregon Mozart Players, and the Asst. Principal position in the Rogue Valley Symphony
  • Congratulations, Eric Grunkemeyer, MM '14 for winning the 4th horn position with the Rogue Valley Symphony
  • Sarah Morrow, MM '14, spent the summer of '14 touring Europe as principal horn with the Blue Lake Festival Orchestra
  • Congratulations, Mara Liechty, BM performance and education '13, MMus Eduction '14, for winning both the collegiate concerto competition and the collegiate excerpt competition at the Northwest Horn Symposium '14.
  • Congratulations, Susan Anderson, MM '12, for your new job as a repair tech at Wally's!
  • Congratulations, Kelsi McGlothin, BM '15, for winning the 2014  Oregon Sinfonietta Concerto Competition.
  • Congratulations, Arryn Bess, BMusEd, '15, for winning first place during your junior year, in the horn category at DCI International!
  • Congratulations, Erika Rudnicki, B.MusEd '08, MM '10, for your new job as Assistant Principal at Federal Way Public Schools, WA.
  • Congratulation, Margarite Waddell, BM '14, for winning the position of Asst. principal horn, during your junior year, with the Rogue Valley Symphony, spring 2013
  • Bret Eason, BMusEd '14; MMusEd, '15, was a member of the National Intercollegiate Band, 2013.
  • Michelle Stuart, MM '14 student, performed chamber music in Eagle Creek, Oregon, and participated in the 2013 and 2014 IHS symposium.
  • Eric Grunkeymeyer, MM '14 student, toured Europe with the 2013 Blue Lake Festival Orchestra.
  • Rebecaa Olason, BM '12, toured Maryland, Michigan and Indiana during the summer of 2013 with her chamber group, Exalt Brass.
  • Margarite Waddell, BM '14 spent the summer of 2012 at Brevard and the Fresh Inc. Festival.
  • Rebecca Olason, BM '12, graduated from The Peabody Conservatory in 2014 with her MM in horn performance.
  • Caitlin Brody, Post-Bacchalareate studies at UO,  graduated from UCLA in 2014 with her MM in horn performance.
  • Kai Finlayson, BM cum laude '10, is a teaching fellow at NYU pursuing a PHD in Musicology.
  • Sarah Van Dusen, MM '08 and GTF, has graduated with a PHD in Education from UC Boulder.
  • Congratulations, John Dodge, MM '10, for winning the position of Associate Principal Horn position with the Orquesta Filarmonica de Santiago in Santiago, Chile.
  • Congratulation, Susan Anderson, MM '12, for winning the position of 4th horn with the Rogue Valley Symphony in the fall of 2011.